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Soda PDF lets you work with PDF documents in every possible way, such that you'll never need another program. With Soda PDF you can do everything from modifying files to creating them from scratch.

The tool includes nine modules for working with PDF files. The first two - view and create - allow you to display a file or make a new one. The following tabs - convert and edit - let you transform your PDF into PowerPoint, XLS, HTML, TXT, or JPG formats, or modify some document elements. The other tabs are for document security, making creating or adding certificates as simple as clicking on the module.

Each of the different sections included in Soda PDF has a lot of different features, letting you customize or create whatever document you need at all times.

Its interface is inspired on the Microsoft Office suite and is very intuitive, allowing you to work simply and comfortably without extensive knowledge of PDF creation.

The trial version works for 14 days.

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